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Paco Roca

Paco Roca (Valencia, 1969) studied at Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseño de Valencia.

Although he is focused on comics, he divides his time between illustration, talks and workshops. In the field of comics, his work has been translated into a dozen languages. Among his bibliography published by Astiberri stand out: El juego lúgubre (Gloomy Game), The Lighthouse, Wrinkles, Las calles de arena (The Sandy Streets), The Winter of the Cartoonist, Memorias de un dibujante en pijama (Memoirs of a Cartoonist in Pajamas), El integral (The Integral), The Twists of Fate, La casa (The House), La encrucijada (The Crossroad), El tesoro del Cisne Negro (The Treasure of the Black Swan), El dibujado (The Drawn); initially created for the walls of the IVAM (Valencian Institute of Modern Art), Regreso al Edén (Return to Eden) and El abismo del olvido (The Abyss of Oblivion), his latest graphic novel.

His comics have been awarded inside and outside Spain with, among others, the 2008 National Comic Award, the Goya for best adapted screenplay for Arrugas in 2011, the Excellence Award in Japan, the Inkpot Award at the San Diego Comic-Con in 2019 or the Eisner 2020 for best foreign work.

Paco Roca has received the Gold Medal of Merit in Fine Arts 2021 from the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Spain and in May 2023 he was awarded the Cultural Merit Award Ciutat de València.

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