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© Dargaud – Rita Scaglia
© Dargaud – Rita Scaglia
Juanjo Guarnido

Juanjo Guarnido (Granada, 1967) is an exceptional cartoonist.

Trained as a cartoonist at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Granada, he has worked as a comic artist in various fanzines and sporadically for Cómics Forum, where he designed covers and illustrations of Marvel characters.

In the early 90's he moved to Madrid, where he made a living elaborating storyboards for various television production companies. He later settled in Paris, where he began working for Disney's European division on their film productions, including A Goofy MovieThe Hunchback of Notre DameHerculesTarzanAtlantis and Treasure Planet. In 2000, he made a qualitative leap in his career with the launch of the first Blacksad album, written by screenwriter Juan Díaz Canales (they met during his stay in Madrid). This series -which so far consists of seven titles- was an instant success that opened the doors of the French market to its authors, as it sold hundreds of thousands of copies and earned multiple awards, such as the prize for best new author at the Salón de Barcelona, the prize for best series at the Angoulême festival, the Eisner prize for best international album and the National Comic Prize in Spain.

In addition to this masterpiece, Guarnido has drawn the three albums that make up the Brujeando (Witching) series (2008-2012), written by the screenwriter Teresa Valero. His most recent work is a collaboration with the French scriptwriter Alain Ayroles; Les Indes fourbes (The Seeker in the Indies), a tribute to Quevedo's immortal creation, which picks up the misadventures of the famous rogue where the novel left them.

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