3-4-5 MAY 2024


Comic Stage is one of the novelties of this year. It will host talks, the recording of live podcasts and amusing concerts that will enrich the atmosphere of the event.

Cosplay contests

A fantastic world full of strange beings arrives to the Comic Stage of Fira Barcelona Montjuïc. FICOMIC is organizing three cosplay contests as part of the 41st Comic Barcelona. Cosplay Parade and Cosplay Petit will be held on Sunday morning at the Comic Stage of Palace 2. On top of that, on Saturday we will celebrate the Cosplay Parade: FANTASY&ROL for cosplayers with a role-playing soul. Participate and show the public your fantasy costume inspired by role-playing games.


J.G.G.'s music will be illustrated live by Roberta Vázquez and Emma Roulette in a long-awaited drawn concert, a format that successfully premiered last year. Dani Rottenbrian & The Monster Rockers, the new band of Dani Moreno, a multidisciplinary creator usually present at Comic Barcelona with the fanzine Amazing Monsters, will entertain the audience with their new songs in a highly entertaining show that will connect music and comics.

Podcast and radio

Podcasts are on trend even though, at first glance, they are not too different from radio programs. We don’t know about their secret, however, the Comic Stage will host different programs focused on comic books. Saturday and Sunday mornings will feature Camp Krypton and in the afternoons, Territorio 9 (Territory 9) from Radio3. On the Comic Stage there will also be other podcasts such as El Racó del Manga (Manga’s Corner; in Catalan), Familia Mónguer, La Batcova (The Batcave), La Guarida del Titán or Club Hellfire.

Listening to comics: an alternative to release dopamine

Primavera Pro

If music is a dopamine factory, comic books are the kings in capturing movement and emotions. What happens when these two titans merge? In this conversation, Carla Berrocal and María Hesse, who have worked with Concha Piquer and David Bowie respectively, will explore why some comics make us dance just by turning their silent pages, and why we feel like we are living the backstage experiences in just a few touches of ink on an A5 page.

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Comic Barcelona

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