4-5-6 APRIL 2025


FICOMIC, the Maison des Auteurs (Angoulême) and the Institut Français of Spain join forces to launch an initiative that seeks to boost the careers of young comic book authors and promote cultural exchange between the French and Spanish comic book scenes.

This joint effort aims not only to increase the visibility of these artists, but also to create valuable opportunities for meetings and collaboration between comics professionals from both countries.

To achieve these goals, the three institutions have designed a cross-residency program that will begin in 2024. During the first two years, the program will be aimed at French authors and/or authors residing in France interested in exploring and immersing themselves in the comic scene of our country. Joso School will actively participate in the professional development of the scholar, as his/her main place of work during the months of his/her residency will be there. Beginning in 2026, the program will be open exclusively to Spanish authors and/or authors residing in Spain. Information on the Spanish call for applications will be announced in 2025.

Spanish call

The program offers the opportunity to apply for a 3-month residency at the Maison des Auteurs de la Cité internationale de la bande dessinée et de l'image in Angoulême, a prestigious creative center dedicated to comics and illustration. During their stay, the scholarship holders will be able to develop their projects in a highly inspiring and professional environment, as well as have access to resources and networks that can be crucial for the advancement of their careers.

In short, this cross-residency program is an innovative initiative that aims to strengthen the ties between the French and Spanish comic book scenes, promoting the exchange of ideas and collaboration between creators from both countries. With the support of FICOMIC, the Maison des Auteurs and the Institut Français of Spain, comic book authors will have a unique opportunity to develop their projects and their professional careers.

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