3-4-5 MAY 2024

Terms of admission and safety

In order to ensure safety and correct capacity these terms of admission are binding for all visitors who come to Comic Barcelona:

A ticket to go into Comic Barcelona will be for one single use. Once you have left Comic Barcelona you may not go back in again with the exception of those who are authorized.

Within the grounds the following are prohibited:

  • Entering Comic Barcelona with animals, bicycles, skateboards, scooters, roller blades or anything similar
  • Entering the grounds with flags and/or banners of an ideological or political nature, as well as any other kind of element containing racist or xenophobic symbols or that may incite violence or be offensive to people.
  • In accordance with the Spanish Law (Real Decreto 137/1993) on Weapons Legislation, it is categorically prohibited for visitors to bring in any firearms, metal weapons or any blunt force weapon or reproductions which look real and could be confused for the real thing. It is also forbidden to use any object that could endanger people, such as fireworks or inflammable products. The only reproductions allowed are weapons made out of plastic, cardboard or any other material that would not be harmful to the general public.
  • Causing disturbances that may affect the public.
  • Smoking inside the Halls

Visitors must respect areas that are marked out as emergency exits or for fire protection, as well as follow the instructions of the staff of Comic Barcelona and the Barcelona Trade Fair intended to guarantee safety in the grounds.

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Comic Barcelona

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