28-29-30 MAY 2021

Raquel Riba Rossy

Raquel Riba Rossy was born in 1990 in Igualada (Barcelona). She holds a degree in Fine Arts from the Universitat de Barcelona (2013) and a degree in illustration from the Escola de la Dona de Barcelona. 

She was very clear about her goal since she was a child: she wanted to share messages through her characters and stories. Daughter of the architect Jaume Riba and the multidisciplinary artist Clara Rossy, she was nurtured by the creative environment that breathed in a family of painters, illustrators, architects, and musicians. She grew up drawing without counting the hours and singing as if she lived in a musical without thinking about the decibels. 

The character of Lola Vendetta first came into existence in 2014, in a moment of crossing ideas, paths, big existential questions and under the need to express what the author felt towards those things in society and some individuals that were bothering her. From that moment until today we have the result in books:

"Lola Vendetta. Más vale Lola que mal acompañada" ("Lola Vendetta. Better Lola than bad company ")  Editorial Lumen, 2017.

"¿Qué Pacha, Mama?"  ("What’s up Mama?") Editorial Lumen, 2018

"Lola Vendetta y los hombres" ("Lola Vendetta and the men") Editorial Lumen, 2019.

"Lola Vendetta. Una habitación propia con Wifi" ("Lola Vendetta. A room of her own with Wifi") Editorial Lumen, 2021.

She has also collaborated in the anthology “Voces que cuentan” (Voices that count) Planeta Cómic, 2021.

Raquel Riba Rossy has also worked on several projects focused on the empowerment of women and through illustration she has learned to know herself and to network with many women around the world. In 2021 she releases her first musical album "El Primer Canto" (The First Chant) in which she launches into the world of music with 10 homegrown songs on top of creating all the graphic design that accompanies it. An achievement that blends two of her favorite languages: music and illustration.

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