3-4-5 MAY 2024
Bea Lema

Bea Lema is an illustrator and comic author. She uses embroidery and fabric as a support to transfer her images. Her work, generally autobiographical, deals with themes related to madness, trauma, family relationships, religion and popular rites.

In 2018 she published O Corpo de Cristo, a work that won the XII Premio Castelao of Diputación de A Coruña. Her latest book, El Cuerpo de Cristo (The Body of Christ - Ed. Astiberri, 2023), based on the previous edition, has been edited in France and will be published in Italy and Portugal in 2024. The project was awarded a grant for a graphic novel residency at the Maison des Auteurs in 2022.

In 2024 she receives the Public Prize - France TV for this work at the Angoulême comic festival, a worldwide reference event.

She is currently working on the adaptation of this book into an animated short film.

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