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Juan Diaz Canales

Juan Díaz Canales (Madrid, 1972) is our most international scriptwriter.

A fan of comics and cartoons since childhood, he was trained at a school of animators and was a founding member of the company Tridente Animation. However, his rise to fame came with the field of comic books.

His work is closely linked to the Grenadian cartoonist Juanjo Guarnido, they met when both were working in the field of animation and they created the acclaimed Blacksad series together, which was an instant success in critics and sales since its appearance in 2000. This title has received great praise from critics and the most distinguished awards, including the prize for the best series at the Angoulême festival, the Eisner award for the best edition of international material, the prize for the best work at the Salón de Barcelona and the National Comic Award in Spain. Besides his collaboration with Guarnido, the French market has welcomed other works by Díaz Canales together with Spanish cartoonists. He created Les Patriciens (2009) with Gabor. He signed the graphic novel Como viaja el agua (How water travels - 2016).

But his most popular work in recent times has been the new incarnation of Corto Maltés with the cartoonist Rubén Pellejero. To date they have published Under the Midnight Sun and Tarowean’s Day. Their delicate work pays tribute to the work of Hugo Pratt with their own personal stamp. In 2022 he published Gentlemind with Teresa Valero and Antonio Lapone, and in 2023 Judee Sill with Jesús Alonso Iglesias.

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