3-4-5 MAY 2024
Julio A. Serrano

Julio A. Serrano (Puertollano, 2001), alias Don Julio, is a cartoonist and scriptwriter. He lives in Madrid and he is best known for his satirical work in the magazine El Jueves

In 2011 he began publishing the series DesHechos Históricos (Historic UnFacts), still active. It has been compiled in several volumes edited by Fandogamia: Mito, Rito, Gorgorito (2019), Gente mierda de la historia (Shitty People in History - 2021) and Todo mal, todo el rato, en todas partes (Everything Everywhere All at Once Wrong - 2023). The fourth compilation will be released at the end of 2024. 

In 2011 he began publishing the children's series Cecilia Van Helsing in the publishing house Mamut, with Juanjo Cuerda at the pencils. To date, three books have been published: El caso del ladrón de meriendas (The Case of the Snack Thief - 2011), La dieta del vampiro (The Vampire's Diet - 2018) and El señor que tenía una oreja en la frente (The Man Who Had an Ear on his Forehead - 2023).

From time to time he draws humor booklets explaining things, such as Ser fascista está mal (Being a Fascist is Wrong - 2021) and El niño Jesús no odia a los mariquitas (Baby Jesus Doesn't Hate Sissies - 2024).

He has also written some scripts for animation and teaches screenwriting at the Voxel School University Center.

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