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Pepe Larraz

José Luis Martínez-Larraz Solís (Madrid, 1981), alias Pepe Larraz, is one of the most outstanding superhero comic authors of his generation. Born and based in Madrid, his bibliography includes his already mythical work in X-Patrol and the miniseries House of X, from Marvel Comics.

Trained in sculpture at the Escuela de Arte La Palma and in art history at the Universidad Complutense, both in Madrid, Pepe Larraz began his career as an artist in the field of fanzine, and debuted as a professional comic book artist in 2003 with Cristi y sus movidas. He would later appear on the pages of magazines, newspapers and collections such as ABC, Barcelona TM, Cuentos del Fin del Mundo, Diez Dedos, Dos Veces Breve, Arruequen, Gato Negro, Lunático, Lovexpress, La Parada and more.

In 2010 he made the leap to the U.S. market with The New Avengers: Luke Cage. It would be the beginning of a meteoric career at Marvel, with his acclaimed work in The Avengers, Avengers: Impossible, The Mighty Thor, Wolverine and The X-Patrol and Star Wars Kanan: The Last Padawan, among others.

Thanks to this unbelievable string of successes, Pepe was selected in 2018 as one of the six artists of Marvel's Young Guns Program, which highlights the best emerging cartoonists in the North American comics industry.

Alongside Jonathan Hickman, Pepe has revitalized Marvel's mutant universe with his House of X miniseries. He is currently working with Mark Millar on Big Game, the first crossover of Netflix's Millarworld, that is poised to make history, and on the new Marvel Blood Hunt event-series, with scripts by Jed MacKay.

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