3-4-5 MAY 2024
Xulia Vicente

Xulia Vicente was born in 1993 in the town of Cariño in A Coruña.

She grew up in Cambre and went on to study Fine Arts in Valencia, where she has lived ever since. She published her first comic in 2016: Anna Dédalus: El misterio de la mansión quemada (Anna Dédalus: The Burned Mansion Mystery - Andana Editorial), with Miguel Ángel Giner Bou and Núria Tamarit.

This was followed by Duerme Pueblo (Sleeping Village - Ediciones La Cúpula), again with Núria Tamarit, the first two parts of the trilogy Sello de Dragón (Dragon Seal), with a script by Manuel Gutiérrez, and Elisa y Marcela, a short historical story recently published in Spanish by La Cúpula.

Her most recent comic, La Jinete me aguarda (The Rider awaits me - ShortBox, UK), was awarded 'Outstanding Comic' at the Ignatz Awards. She currently combines illustration work with the completion of the fantasy trilogy and other projects.

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