3-4-5 MAY 2024
Lola Moral

Lola Moral (Montalbán de Córdoba, Spain. 1964) studied Fine Arts at the University of Granada and has a degree in Fine Arts and Artistic Ceramics from the Val del Omar Art School in Granada.

She is a multidisciplinary artist, colorist and scriptwriter. She has worked for Dënoel, Norma Editorial, Dupuis, Toon Books, Fantagraphics, Dargaud, Delcourt, Dibbuks, Actes Sud; The New Yorker, El País Semanal, El País Babelia, EME21, Diario Ideal, Grupo Correo; Ediciones Santillana, among others.

She has participated in numerous exhibition projects in Washington (Exhibition Hall of the Spanish Embassy), Frankfurt (International Book Fair), Granada (Crucero del Hospital Real, Sala Gran Capitán, Biblioteca de Andalucía, Galería Arrabal, Cuarto Real de Santo Domingo, Carmen de la Victoria), Jaén (Museo Provincial), Cádiz (Museo de Cádiz - Casa Pinillos), Valdepeñas (Museo Municipal).

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