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© Alberto Palacios
© Alberto Palacios
Borja González

Borja González (Badajoz, 1982) is a self-taught illustrator and cartoonist. He has published in fanzines, magazines and newspapers, such as GQ, Rockdelux or Ara, and has exhibited his originals in galleries in Spain and France.

He currently directs, together with Mayte Alvarado, the Spiderland/Snake project, dedicated to the dissemination of fanzines and comics online.

Among his short works, La Reina Orquídea (The Orchid Queen - 2016) stands out, although he has other outstanding works such as the graphic novels The Black Holes (2018), Grito nocturno (Night Shout - 2021) and El pájaro y la serpiente (The Bird and the Snake - 2023).

His books have been translated into six languages and he was recently awarded the National Comic Prize 2023 for Grito nocturno.

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