3-4-5 MAY 2024
Raquel Meyers

Raquel Meyers (Cartagena, 1977) works with obsolete technologies such as teletext, the typewriter, the fax and the Commodore 64 shaken by photography, animation or embroidery.

She defines what she does as expanded typing (KYBDslöjd), a term that could be defined as 'manual dexterity with a keyboard', which materializes text characters and keystrokes beyond the screen and questions our parasitic relationship with technology. It is not a mere arbitrary invention. It has its bases and references in the typewriter, concrete poetry, demoscene and brutalism.

The typewriter provides the execution while poetry contributes a system, a brutal language that must be learned. The characters provided by the Commodore 64 (PETSCII) are used unadorned, like concrete in brutalist architecture, capturing the spirit and contradictions of their time.

Since 2004, her work has been exposed in art centers, galleries and festivals such as Ars Electronica, Transmediale, Xpo Gallery, La Casa encendida, Liste Art Fair Basel, P21 Seoul, la Maison des Auteurs Angoulême, BmoCA, SeMA NANJI, La Gaîté lyrique, Tokyo Blip Festival, Square Sounds Melbourne, BilbaoArte, LABoral, Denver Digerati, iMAL, Piksel, Shibuya Pixel Art, LEV, MFRU, HeK, ETOPIA, Eufònic Urbà...


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