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Cristina Durán

Cristina Durán. València, 1970.

A Fine Arts graduate, comic strip writer and illustrator.

She was co-founder of the fanzine No aparcar, llamo grúa (Don't park, or I call the tow truck) and in 1993 she founded the studio LaGRÚAestudio with Giner Bou, where she has been working since then, dedicating herself professionally to comics and illustration.

She has published several comics and received several awards, including the 2019 National Comic Strip Award from the Ministry of Culture for El día 3 (Day 3, a collaboration with Giner Bou and Laura Ballester), the Medal of Cultural Merit from the Generalitat Valenciana or the title of Favorite Daughter of the City Council of Valencia.

Her comics have a strong social component and deal with themes such as functional diversity, adoption, cooperation, social denunciation or historical memory. As an illustrator, she works for the press, advertising and children's stories, and has been a member of the boards of several professional associations.

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