3-4-5 MAY 2024
Max Baitinger

Besides being an illustrator and animator, Max Baitinger (Penzberg, 1982) is one of the best and most avant-garde comic authors of his generation.

After studying carpentry, he moved to the city of Leipzig, where he still resides, and graduated in Illustration. Currently, also in Leipzig, he is one of the organizers of the graphic arts festival The Millionaires Club.

For his first full-length comic, Heimdall (2013), he received an honorable mention at the ICOM Awards, and his second book, Röhner (2016), was a finalist for the Comic Award sponsored by the Leibinfer Foundation.

In 2022, his graphic novel Sibylla won the Berthold Leibinger Award. In Sibylla Baitinger vindicates the fascinating figure of Sybilla Schwartz, the author of A Song Against Envy is today considered by many scholars to be the first feminist poem in world literature. Baitinger approaches the life and work of this political and literary reference with the stylization and cinematic sense that characterize him to illuminate an astonishing graphic novel.

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