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Marc Torices

Marc Torices (1989) is a comic book author and animator

As a director he co-wrote and co-directed, together with Pau Anglada and Genís Rigol, the animated short film Knockstrike, selected in international festivals such as Clermont-Ferrand, Ottawa or Sundance and awarded in Torino. The experimental short Naive Mischief in Oak Paso co-directed with Manson, awarded in Basque Country and Greece.

As an animator and art director he has collaborated and worked in numerous animation studios or creative companies such as Canada, Device, Bliss, Brut, Glassworks, Bandai or Vice. He has worked on the storyboard of the films Scenery and Unicorn Wars, by Alberto Vázquez, and has created the artwork for scene 24 of the latter. 

He has published his comics in publishers, magazines and newspapers in countries such as Spain, France, England, Italy, Mexico, Chile, Poland, Holland, Argentina, USA or Slovenia.

His first graphic novel, Abrir Para Cerrar (Open to Close), was awarded an Injuve Accésit. His graphic novel Cortázar, based on a biography of Julio Cortázar written by Jesús Marchamalo, was awarded the Splash prize (Best national comic 2017) and Best comic of the year by the Booksellers Guild of Navarra and in 2023 he published La alegre vida del triste perro Cornelius (The happy life of the sad dog Cornelius), a work that will be published in 2024 and 2025 in Poland, Holland, France and the USA. 

As an illustrator he has worked with Blackie Books, Nørdica Libros, Ajoblanco, Diari Ara, BCN Mes or Cactus or creating the identity of festivals and entities such as La Llama Fest, Gutter Fest, Moog, Laut or TV3 Marathon.

He is currently in pre-production on the short film La verdad te rechaza, Cornelius (The Truth Rejects You, Cornelius), based on the characters in his book The happy life of the sad dog Cornelius.

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