3-4-5 MAY 2024
Beto Hernández

Gilbert “Beto” Hernández was born in 1957 in Oxnard, California and he is considered one of the most important living comic book authors in the world.

In 1982 he co-edited the first issue of the internationally acclaimed Love & Rockets magazine with his older brother Mario and his younger brother Jaime. The magazine stood out in the male-dominated comic world of the late 1960s and early 1980s, as it focused on the punk-rock culture of the time and had strong female characters as protagonists. Love & Rockets endured for three decades and is considered as the creative spearhead of the second wave of underground comics. It was in that magazine where Gilbert developed his legendary Palomar saga, a costumbrist tale full of characters sharing experiences in an imaginary town, a saga that has been compared to the greatest milestones of Latin American magical realism.

He currently lives in California with his wife Carol and his daughter Natalia. 

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