4-5-6 APRIL 2025
Robot Dreams

Pablo Berger has had to learn the technique of animation films, starting almost from scratch, to tell the tragicomic story of the friendship that develops between a dog and a robot in the streets of New York.

Cinema and comic go hand in hand in Robot Dreams, a co-production between Spain, France and Belgium. It is “a story about friendship, its importance and its fragility”, in Berger's own words. It also turns out to be a love letter to New York, signed with his heart by its main creator, as he lived in the beloved American city for a decade.

The scenery and an emblematic era, the 1980s, are part of the atmosphere of the film, with an art that is particularly careful, in every sense, with the aim of reflecting the magic of the story and animation cinema itself. It was really hard to find the right style and the final design of the characters; there was a great attention to every detail, even in the secondary characters. It was important to convey a sense of humor in the details of the designs.

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