31/03 – 02/04 2023
Foto @ Alberto Gamazo
Foto @ Alberto Gamazo
Emma Ríos
(Vilagarcía de Arousa, 1976)

She is a self-published author who worked as an architect until she managed to dedicate herself professionally to comics in 2007.

She has done commissioned work for several American publishers such as Marvel Entertainment, where she worked regularly for four years until she managed to return to the author's comic in 2014 by the hand of Image collaborating with Kelly Sue DeConnick with Bella Muerte, (Astiberri, 2014 and 2016). With this comic she was nominated in two categories of the Eisner Awards: as best cover artist and interior artist. She is also the full-length author of I.D. (Astiberri, 2016), co-edits Island magazine with Brandon Graham and co-creates Mirror (Astiberri, 2017) with Hwei Lim.

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