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Born in Madrid, Aneke is one of the Spanish comic artists who has entered the American market with more strength in the recent years, demonstrating that she can draw any genre without being pigeonholed. Her career spans multiple publishers, including DC Comics, MARVEL, Dynamite, and more. She is best known for being the co-creator and artist of the graphic novel noir mystery Bylines In Blood with Erica Schultz and Van Jensen for Aftershock; artist of Carmen, the graphic novel, with Alek Shrader and Craig´s Russell layouts and her works for DC Comics and Marvel Comics.

During her career as a comic artist, Aneke has worked for DC Comics on titles such as Bombshells, BS Suicide Squad, Gotham City Garage, The house of whispers, Wonder Woman (2018 talent workshop), Poison Ivy (Christmas story), Wonder Woman Giant, Catwoman, Batgirls Future State, RWBY/Justice League and more.

Aneke has also illustrated many successful titles for Marvel, such as Age Of Conan: Valeria, and inked several covers together with her lifelong friend Carlos Pacheco, on Conan or Aliens, among others.

Other books by Aneke include 2000AD, Venus Bluegenes, Judge Anderson, Vampirella, Red Sonja, PsiDivision, Damsels and Battlestar Galactica 1880 for Dynamite. Penciller, inker, colorist, enthusiast of music, cinema, art and science; Aneke (who’s name is Ana Murillo) is a lover of comics and the human capacity to create beauty and meaning.

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