3-4-5 MAY 2024
Mariel Soria
(Sant Salvador de Jujuy, 1946)

She is an illustrator, comic author and theater costume designer. Born in Argentina and based in Barcelona since 1975, she is a founding member of the group “Colectivo de la Historieta”, creators of the magazine Trocha-Troya (1977). She has worked for the satiric magazine El Jueves for more than thirty years, a professional relationship that began with the humorous comic book series of the private detective Sam Balluga (1978-1984), where she draw the stories of Andreu Martín with the marked and defined lines that characterize her. She has also worked with Andreu Martín in the comic Contactos (Contacts), where Mamen was born, her best-known character who ended up having her own comic series, Mamen (1980-2011), conceived with Manel Barceló. With him, she has worked in series such as Páginas Infernales (Hellish Pages), Federica, Quel·lo, Night and Day, Entre Actes (Between Acts) and Trenta Claus (Thirty Claus).

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