3-4-5 MAY 2024
Ana Belén Rivero
(Granada, 1982)

She is an illustrator and comic author, with a degree in Fine Arts and a Master in Strategic Communication and Art Direction. Her first work, Somos pobres en euros pero ricos en pelos de coño (We are poor in euros but rich in pussy hair), was published in 2015 thanks to a crowdfunding campaign that followed the success of a joke made on her blog where she said she was going on vacation with her pussy. Since then, her punk and critical style and her expressive characters have appeared in El Jueves, and in the comics Mens sana in corpore ni tan mal (Mens sana in not so bad corpore - edited by crowdfunding in 2016) and Señora (Madam - Plan B, 2018). She has also participated in collective books such as Vinócomics (Norma Comics, 2018) and has illustrated the novels Kilo arriba, kilo abajo (One Pound More, one Pound Less - Versatil, 2016) and ¡Es un escándalo! (It’s a scandal! Versátil, 2018) by Beatriz Cepeda Benito, aka Perra de Satán.

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