31/03 – 02/04 2023
Clara Soriano
(Cartagena, 1982)

She is an illustrator and comic author with a degree in Fine Arts. Her funny characters, with bold strokes and bright colors, have appeared in children's books, educational books and magazines such as El Jueves, Cactus, Kiwi, Astrapi, Manon, Je Bouqine and Wapiti. In 2014 she was awarded the Best Newcomer Author prize in Comic Barcelona for Colmado Sánchez (Sánchez Grocery - ¡Caramba! 2013), and has participated in collective comics such as Institutos (Institutes - Astiberri, 2014), Todas Putas (All Whores - Dibbuks, 2014) and Caramba 1 and 2, edited by ¡Caramba!, as well as in fanzines and in the web comics Las Cosas Claras (Straight Facts), Caniculadas, Mujeres Topo (Mole Women) and El Estafador (The scammer). Currently, after a long time away from cartoons, she is preparing her first children's comic.

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