3-4-5 MAY 2024
Lola Vendetta
(Igualada, 1990)

She is an illustrator, comic author and the creator of Lola Vendetta, a feminist vigilante who fights with a katana against sexism and today's conformist society. This character has more than 600,000 followers on Instagram. She was born on the Internet as a result of the experiences lived by the author while working as a stewardess during her time as a Fine Arts student. In her vignettes -satirical, vindictive and with a high dose of violence-, there is practically no color, except for the red of lips, blood and menstruation.

She has published the books Lola Vendetta. Más vale Lola que mal acompañada (Better with Lola than in Bad Company - Lumen, 2017), Lola Vendetta ¿Qué pacha, Mama? (Lola Vendetta, What’s Up, Mum? Lumen, 2018) and Lola Vendetta y los hombres (Lola Vendetta and the Men - Lumen, 2019). She has also participated in the collective book Voces que cuentan (Voices that Count). Una antología (An Anthology - Planeta Cómic, 2021) and has adapted Leticia Dolera's novel Morder la manzana (Biting the Apple - Planeta Cómic, 2022) into a comic book.

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