3-4-5 MAY 2024
Sara Jotabé
(Saragossa, 1993)

She is an illustrator and comic author who, graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Zaragoza. Her vignettes of powerful colors, dynamic landscapes and acid humor have appeared in media such as Heraldo de Aragón, Diario de Teruel or The Huffington Post. She has created the poster for the 20th Comic Zaragoza (2021) and has participated in collective exhibitions such as Mujeres con discapacidad (Women with Disabilities) 1 and 2, organized by the Asociación Aragonesa de Mujeres con Discapacidad (Amanixer) and Viñetas por la Igualdad y contra la violencia de género (Cartoons for Equality and against Gender Violence), of Instituto Aragonés de la Juventud (Aragonese Youth Institute).

As a comic author, she has published Pajas mentales (Mindfucks - Letrablanka, 2016), Diario de una vida de mierda (Diary of A Shitty Life - Letrablanka, 2017), Quiero ser como tú (I Want to Be Like You - Panini, 2021) and Tupper para tres (Tupper for Three - Fandogamia, 2022), a comic initially conceived as a web comic for the publisher's website. As an illustrator, she has published Maestro de colegio: Un profe con clase (Schoolteacher: A Classy Professor - Penguin Random House, 2022).

Since 2018 she chairs the Aragonese Association of Comic Authors (AAAC).

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