31/03 – 02/04 2023
Pedrita Parker
(Málaga, 1984)

She is an illustrator and entrepreneur. Her stories of determined, shameless women who enjoy life are a hit on social networks where, on Instagram alone, she has more than 250,000 followers. In 2014 she created a brand of products designed by her and she was awarded with the Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Malaga in 2015. She also collaborates assiduously with recognized brands and teaches courses, talks and workshops on creativity and entrepreneurship. Her work has been exhibited in different festivals and national venues, one of the highlights being the retrospective exhibition of her career held at the Malaga Festival in 2022.

As an author, she has written and illustrated the books Esa "cosa" (extraña) llamada amor (That (Strange) “Thing” Called Love - Lumen, 2015), Tómatelo con karma (Keep It Karma - Lumen, 2015) and No eres tú, soy yo que me he dado de que eras LO PEOR (It's Not You, It's Me Because I Realized That You Were THE WORST - Lunwerg, 2017). Recently, she has self-published the book Créatelo YA (Create it NOW - 2022) and has illustrated the works A mi rollo con mi cuerpo y mis emociones (On My Own With My Body And My Emotions) and A mi rollo con mi móvil y mis redes (On My Own With My Cell Phone And My Networks - Larousse, 2022).

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