3-4-5 MAY 2024
Elisa Riera
(Barcelona, 1981)

She is a comic author and scriptwriter. She studied graphic design and illustration at Escola Massana in Barcelona. She has participated in several projects in Europe as a freelance muralist, she has worked in New York as a character designer for international clients and, in Barcelona, she has specialized in fashion design and consulting. She currently works between Europe and Asia.

As a comic author, her comic La señora Rosa (Ms. Rose), that was included in the compilation En corto (In Short - Astiberri, 2018), won the second prize of the 1st National Comic Contest Biblioteca Insular de Gran Canaria. She has also published the graphic novels El futuro es brillante (The Future Is Bright - Astiberri, 2019), which began as an adventure on Instagram to let off steam after a heartbreak, Una Iaowai en Shanghái (An Iaowai In Shanghai - Astiberri, 2020) and La estirpe fracasada (The Failed Lineage - Astiberri, 2022), in which she uses a more limited color palette to tell a quotidian story in an ironic tone and inspired by the people surrounding her.

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