3-4-5 MAY 2024
Greg Tocchini
(São Paulo, Brasil, 1979)

Since 2002, his work has been published by international publishers such as Marvel and DC Comics (USA) or Le Lombard (France). He has worked on titles such as The Odyssey, Wolverine: Father, The Fantastic Four, Thor: Young Warriors, Captain America, Spider-Man, 1602: A New World, ION, Batman and Robin, Impossible X-Force, Infinity Section and many others.

He was in charge of the art for the miniseries The Last Days of American Crime, scripted by Rick Remender, with whom he has co-created the science fiction series Low, published by Image Comics in the U.S. and Norma Editorial in Spain. His Independent Publishing House Dead Hamster Comics has published his graphic novel Sequence Shot, as well as other works by Brazilian artists.

Twitter: @GregTocchini
Instagram: greg_tocchini_

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