3-4-5 MAY 2024
Léa Murawiec

Graduated in graphic design in 2015 at the Estienne school, where she also became a typography enthusiast. The following year she enjoyed an Erasmus scholarship in Shanghai. This experience influenced heavily the view and style of this manga fan. She continued her studies and switched to comics at EESI, the Ecole Européenne Supérieure de l'Image (Superior European School of the Image) in Angoulême, where she created an interactive digital comic.

Her stories have always been imbued with matters of choice, commitment, rules and codes. Since 2013, she is the editor and author of the micro-publishing company Flutiste, and her work is regularly published in fanzines and magazines (Biscoto, Novland).

Her secret? Drawing in India ink so the link with the gesture and the paper is not lost. With Le Grand Vide (The Great Emptiness) already in mind, she enjoyed a two-year residency at the Cité de la Bande Dessinée (in collaboration with Magelis and EESI) where she developed this dystopian story.

Le Grand Vide (The Great Emptiness), her first graphic novel, was published by the French publisher Éditions 2024 and won her the audience award at the 2022 Angoulême Festival.

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