6-7-8 MAY 2022
Hall 5

In May 1981, the first International Comic and Illustration Fair was celebrated at the Barcelona Trade Centre. It was an exciting time for the comic book in Spain, especially for adult comics. Kiosks were filling up with more high quality Spanish and international comics, adding to the already large children’s and younger readers market with new publications and an ever-growing selection of books and series. Authors, editors and publicists all worked to promote this ever more popular annual fair until 1985. After a short gap of two years, the International Comic Salon of Barcelona returned in 1988, to organized by Ficomic from then on. The pandemic obliged us to celebrate the newly named Comic Barcelona online in 2020 and 2021. In 2022 we are finally returning with 40 Comic Barcelona on site, and to celebrate, Ficomic is preparing a grand retrospective about the past 40 editions.

We will look back on the main events, the presence of national and international authors, the awards, the exhibitions and the activities. This exhibition will also reflect the evolution of comics in our country: the most famous works; the changes in publishing formats; its growing presence in both specialised and general bookshops; and movements of new authors. Ultimately, everything that has happened in over 40 years in the history of the Spanish comic.

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